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Round 1: Sip-to-Earn (Airdrop)

Round 1 Start date: 19th September 2023
Round 1 End date: 31st October 2023
Begin your Vaultka experience with our Sip-to-Earn leaderboard. Earn a share of the airdrop pool that starts at a minimum of 2,000,000 esVKA and could go up to 5,000,000 esVKA. The more you engage and understand the rules, the higher your earnings. For more details, visit our Airdrop page
Throughout this round, participants have the chance to earn $esVKA tokens by ranking on the leaderboard. Each point can be exchanged for a specific amount of $esVKA, ensuring a fair distribution of rewards for all. Our gamified approach goes beyond deposit size and duration – users can strategically optimize their deposits for varying point multipliers. For comprehensive details on maximizing points, kindly explore the Leaderboard page.
The Leaderboard cut-off date will be 30th October, and users will be able to claim their airdrop reward on the next day. The overall airdrop will be calculated based on accumulated points, with a minimum airdrop threshold of 2,000,000 esVKA tokens (equivalent to 2% of the total supply). See more details in the Airdrop page.