Vaultka will be conducting multiple rounds of airdrops to give back to our early supporters. The Round 1: Sip-to-Earn will be the first campaign for our airdrop series.

Ways to get $esVKA airdrop - Round 1: Sip-to-Earn (Airdrop)​

Users participating in the leaderboard will receive Airdrop rewards as a token of their engagement. These rewards are correlated to the points earned on the leaderboard. Each acquired point corresponds to a specific quantity of $esVKA tokens distributed as part of the airdrop. Users have multiple avenues to accumulate points:
  1. 1.
    Depositing in Strategic Vaults or lending vaults
  2. 2.
    Staking their $VKA or $esVKA
  3. 3.
    Referring new users to deposit in Vaultka
The volume of total airdrop rewards is directly linked to the total points amassed, underlining the principle that more points translate to greater airdrop benefits. This protects smaller-size depositors from being dominated by whale deposits and receives a relatively small portion of airdrop. To learn how you can strategies your deposits and earn more points, visit the Leaderboard page​
Points are tracked in Vaultka’s backend and are not tracked on-chain, thus it is not tradeable between users

Total $esVKA allocated for Airdrop

The total airdrop will be calculated based on total accumulated points. Each point will be equivalent to an amount of $esVKA token, such that every user will have a fair value of airdrop rewards.
A minimum airdrop threshold of 2,000,000 $esVKA tokens (equivalent to 2% of the total supply) will be implemented to ensure that even if there is only very few deposits had made (unlikely), the loyal supporters will be rewarded with lucrative airdrop rewards