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esVKA Reward

More than half of the total $VKA tokens will be given to the community. This helps make Vaultka more decentralized and encourages users and protocols to keep participating in Vaultka. $esVKA can be obtained in four ways:
  1. 1.
  2. 3.
    Staking $VKA/$esVKA
  3. 4.
    Regular esVKA Rewards for Strategic and Lending Vaults

esVKA Reward- 42%

42% of the total token supply is set aside for rewarding regular activities (kick-starting in Round 4: Last Call Cheers) like depositing in different types of vaults, including strategic, lending, and leverage vaults, through the esVKA incentive program. This reward will be released gradually, with an average of 700,000 esVKA tokens issuing each month over a span of 60 months.
The amount of esVKA tokens emitted for each vault will be determined based on the outcome of voting, involving staked VKA and esVKA. More details can be found in the Voting Gauges section.

Voting Gauges

Users have the option to cast votes in favor of vaults that can create a positive loop and enhance their own rewards.
Protocols may bribe users to gather additional $VKA/$esVKA votes for the purpose of supporting their own vaults, thereby allowing protocols to attract more deposits by rallying a greater number of individuals to bolster their positions in their strategically chosen vaults.


  • A weekly voting will be held and user can vote on the vault that they desire to have higher percentage of emission
  • Each staked $VKA and staked $esVKA will be equal to 1 vote
  • The weekly $esVKA emission will be split proportionally according to the votes dedicated to vault