OTC Trading (Coming Soon)

Experience trading freedom with GLM's OTC matching feature, offering users the advantage of sidestepping swap fees and slippage. While this provides a cost-efficient trading solution, users should be aware of the slight trade-off involving waiting for counterpart orders to align. The entire OTC matching process is meticulously managed through a dedicated contract, ensuring a secure and transparent experience.

On the deposit side, users initiate requests by sending USDC to the contract. Should a corresponding withdrawal request be in the queue, seamless matching occurs, allowing depositors to swiftly receive GLM tokens. In case of no immediate match, users seamlessly join the queue and await matching.

Withdrawals are just as straightforward. Users send GLM tokens to the contract, and if a deposit request aligns in the queue, they promptly receive the proportional amount of USDC. If not, they enter the queue, patiently awaiting a match.

It's essential to understand that the current GLM price dictates the OTC matching process, limiting user control over the execution price unless they opt to cancel the order when observing price fluctuations.

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