Vesting Schedule

Below, we present a circulating supply chart for both $VKA and $esVKA. For a more detailed monthly breakdown, please refer to this link.
$esVKA, which is distributed as community incentives, must go through a vesting process before it can be freely traded.


1.6mil $VKA will be reserved to match and seed the UNIv3 VKA-ETH Liquidity pool. The liquidity will be locked for 1 year since the deployment date.
UniswapV3 VKA-ETH Liquidity Pool: 0x7C06736e41236fEcd681dd3353aa77ECD19eA565

Team Vesting Contracts

To ensure complete transparency with the community, we are providing the relevant details of locked and vesting transactions below:
  • Seed Liquidity in the VKA-ETH pool (1 year): TBD
  • Private Sale (6 month cliff, 18 months linear vesting): 0xD13C4d31c0288bDD54f3eC1c2c2e1d4B0cEf6698
  • Team (6 month cliff, 18 months linear vesting): 0x6c047292b48280eC82919B550aC8d96Ed6a3Bda0