Earn Points

How to Earn Points

In Sip-to-Earn Round 2, there are multiple ways for users to earn points:

  1. Weekly Referral Guild Leaderboard

  • A total of 500,000 points will be distributed to high ranked guilds and individuals. More details in the Referral section

  1. Stake Uniswap NFT LP

  • Every $10 value of LP grants 1 point daily, with a minimum of $100

  1. Stake $VKA

  • Get 1 point per each 1000 VKA staked daily

  1. Trade in Uniswap [VKA/ETH] 0.3% pool:

  • Every 80 VKA purchased yields 1 point, with a daily maximum of 1000 points

  • Points are granted for VKA purchases, but not selling

  • Only point traded through Uniswap will be eligible. Use of aggregators like 1inch will not be eligible for trading points

  1. NFTs:

  • Booze: Holders receive 25 points daily per Booze NFT held

  • Spirit: Mint for a one-off 1000 points (added upon minting)

  1. Lending:

  • First $10,000 deposits earn 1 point per $1000 deposited daily

  • Deposits above $10,000 earn 1 point per $400 deposited daily

  1. Daily Checkin

  • Daily rewards for signing into Vaultka increase with consecutive check-ins

  • Users need a non-zero point balance to claim check-in rewards, preventing bot accounts

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