Increasing Reward Split with higher leverage

An increasing reward split will be implemented with a higher leverage size. As lenders pay zero initial borrowing cost for their position, a higher reward split with a higher leveraged size compensates the lenders. The reward split ratio will increase linearly, up to 37.5% for 5x leverage.
Leverage Size
Reward Split Ratio

Additional Rewards for Lenders under high utilization ratio

  1. 1.
    20% Extra Boost for REAL YIELD
When the utilization ratio exceeds 85%, the hourly reward will immediately increase by 20% until the utilization ratio returns to 85% or below.
  1. 2.
    One-off Incentives for New Depositors
To attract new depositors, we are introducing extra incentives of up to a 1% one-off incentive based on their deposited amount. This one-off incentive is divided into two parts.
If users make a deposit when the utilization ratio is 85% or above within the past 12 hours, they will automatically receive a one-off reward of 0.1% of the "Effective Amount 1".
The "Effective Amount 1" is determined by the lower of (i) the user's newly deposited amount; and (ii) the current lending pool's borrowed amount multiplied by 1.25 minus the current pool size.
Additionally, lenders may also be eligible to receive an additional reward of 0.9% of the "Effective Amount 2" after 73 hours.
The "Effective Amount 2" is determined by the lower of (i) the Effective Amount 1; and (ii) the Effective Amount 1 plus the Total Deposited Amount of the lending pool in the past 72 hours minus the Total Withdrawal of the lending pool in the past 73 hours. Taking into consideration the net deposit of the entire lending pool means that the eligible reward of a particular user depends on the contributions of other users as well. This approach effectively prevents potential exploitation of the system.
Reward Settlement:
"The one-off incentive reward will be settled occasionally, and the reward will be able to claim in the "Airdrop" Page in our official website. There will be three statuses indicating the state of the settlement:
The calculation of the final reward is still in progress. This status will last for 73 hours since your deposit.
Waiting to settle
The reward has been confirmed. Funds will be sent directly to your wallet in approximately 2 weeks.
Rewards have been settled and available to claim under "Airdrop" page in our official website.
You can check the status under the "Special Reward Distribution" section on our Lending Page.