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Audits & Security

At Vaultka, security stands at the core of our priorities. We understand the critical importance of safeguarding user assets and data in the decentralized ecosystem. To ensure the utmost security of our platform, we have diligently integrated robust security frameworks, including:
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Third Party Audit Report:

Smart contract audits are essential for uncovering security vulnerabilities, code mistakes, and possible gaps in code. Auditors meticulously review the codebase, ensuring its resilience against attacks. Audits greatly minimize the risk of hacks, bugs, or unintended outcomes, preventing financial losses and reputation harm.
Vaultka is audited by Zokyo & Hacken. Audit reports from the firms can be found below:

Bug Bounty Program:

Vaultka has established a bug bounty initiative in collaboration with multiple bug bounty platform. These programs aim to engage white hat hackers and the wider security community in identifying potential vulnerabilities. By incentivizing their involvement, we enhance security.


Vaultka utilizes Hypernative technology, which triggers automatic alerts for the team in the event of detecting a potentially harmful deployment or fork. This serves as a protective shield for the protocol by affording the team a time advantage to proactively implement security measures before any hacking attempt occurs.
Typically, malicious actors will initially clone and deploy the contract of their target protocol to experiment with their hacking methods. Hypernative is adept at identifying this activity and promptly notifying the protocol. Consequently, protocols can swiftly respond by enacting safeguarding measures, such as temporarily halting deposits or advising depositors to withdraw their funds.


Vaultka uses Chainalysis to manage and reduce protocol-related risks. We ensure strict adherence to regulations and sanctions to safeguard users from malicious individuals. This, in turn, fosters a secure environment for users to engage with the protocol while enabling the team to persist in crafting innovative solutions for the ecosystem

Multisig Wallet:

Vaultka's contract owner is controlled by a multisig wallet. To further reduce the centralization risk, Vaultka has added Vela's core team as one of the multisigg holder. This prevents the team from making unauthorised updates to the smart contract and enhance the transparency on the operation and updates of the protocol.
Wallet Address with Vela for Sake Vault: 0xD0CAdf3225EA43947e9d2D6510B8D6CE65D92F6d
Wallet Address for other Vaults: