Ingredients refer to the underlying of asset in Strategic Vaults and Cocktail Series. Strategic vaults in the Liquor Series normally have only one ingredient (underlying LP), while cocktail series will include a mix of ingredients (combination of multiple LP/Governance Tokens)

Alcohol %

The Alcohol % displayed in the Menu page indicates the volatility level of the underlying asset, with higher value representing more volatile of the underlying asset. The volatility level is calculated by:
AlcoholPercentage=AnnualisedUnderlyingAsset30daysStandardDeviationAlcohol Percentage = Annualised UnderlyingAsset 30days Standard Deviation

Total Value Locked

Total Value Locked (TVL) measures the total value of invested assets in a protocol at a current time. Vaultka Protocol consists of two types of components: Main Vaults & Corresponding Supporting Vaults.
  • Total value of deposited crypto assets in the Main Vaults
  • Total value of crypto asset that are not utilized in the Corresponding Supporting Vaults


The displayed leverage level is the maximum leverage level, which users can open a new position.

Debt-to-Value Ratio

Debt to Value Ratio means (a) the outstanding debt plus interest (in terms of split reward in Vaultka) divided by (b) the sum of the asset value in the corresponding main vaults. This term is specifically used in VODKA/v1-WATER, WHISKEY/w-WATER & SAKE/s-WATER in Vaultka.

Flash Loan

A flash loan is a type of loan where a user borrows assets with no upfront collateral and returns the borrowed assets within the same blockchain transaction.

Health Factor

Health Factor is widely used in Lending & Borrowing protocol, e.g. AAVE. The health Factor is the numeric representation of the safety of your deposited assets against the borrowed assets and its underlying value. The higher the value is, the safer the state of your funds are against a liquidation scenario. When the Health Factor reaches 1.0, the borrowing position in Lending & Borrowing protocol will be liquidated.

Delta Drift

Delta Drift refers to the change of Delta, which is the rate of change of the asset value in the Vault compared to the price change of the underlying token assets.
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