Referral Guild Mechanism

In Sip-to-Earn Round 2, we are adopting an innovative solution to encourage referral activities. Users can now form guilds by referring their own friends, and guilds will compete with each other to get additional weekly point rewards!

How to form a guild

Each user will be the leader of their own guild, and by referring to other users, their referees will automatically be under his/her guild.

But at the same time, guild leaders can also be a member of other user’s guild, such that in most of the time, each user will have two character, Guild leader (Referrer) and guild member (referee)

Guild Weekly Leaderboard

Each guild will be competing for a weekly leaderboard with their total earned points. Top guilds will be able to get a fair share of the additional points pool as reward and will be shared among guild members.

Within a winning guild, rewards will be concentrated to the top performers within the guild, and guild members who are in lower ranking within the guild will not share as much. In some cases, top performers in lower rank guilds can get higher rewards than low performers in high ranking guilds. Therefore, users will have to strategise on their guild formation and placement in order to maximise their rewards.

Every week, a total of 500,000 points will be distributed across different guilds and individuals, providing a game-flipping opportunity for users to catch up, and exchange for profitable rewards.


Besides from the weekly leaderboard additonal rewards, refererrs will also get 20% of the referees daily points on top, encouraging people to invite more real users.

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