Sip-to-Earn Round 2 (Ended)

Unveiling Distinctive Features: Sip-to-Earn Round 2

Sip-to-Earn Round 2 introduces a list of new features, enhancing users' gamified experience while upholding its robust financial incentives. The latest iteration brings forth distinctive elements:

  • Revolutionary Referral Mechanisms: Introduces the Referral Guild Mechanism, incentivizing users not just for deposits but for leveraging their social reach

  • Unprecedented Gamified Gambling Mechanism: Empowers users to gamble points for higher rewards

  • Equal Chance of Winning Lucrative Rewards: Offers everyone a fair opportunity for substantial rewards

  • NFT Extra Rewards: Integrates NFTs to engage users in an interactive points-earning journey


Sip-to-Earn Round 2 operates like a shop with mystery box drawings. Earn points through various activities and spend them on boxes containing up to 500,000 esVKA each. Supplies are limited, so gear up for the action-packed race to scoop up these exclusive rewards!

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