Round 4: Last Call Cheers

Start date: Wednesday, 25th October 2023
During this stage, all the planned functionalities of Vaultka will be launched, and the emissions of $esVKA will commence.
All liquidity bootstrapping rewards will go live, and users will be able to boost their leverage up to 10x. Also, protocol fees will now be allocated to staked $esVKA and $VKA holders. Don't miss this last call to maximize your returns by diversifying your vault deposits.

10x Leverage

After the full launch, all leverage vaults (All of the vaults in the Liquor Series, except GLP Neutral strategy) will be open to 10x leverage for all users. Investors who has higher risk resistance and would like to take more risk exposure to maximize their gains can now potentially earn more rewards by leveraging their position with less stakes. This further strengthens the use case of Vaultka for degen Perp DEX LP farmers who would like to leverage on the growth of Arbitrum Perp DEX.
Commencing from Round 4, users will have the opportunity to participate in staking with their $VKA or $esVKA tokens, entitling them to staking rewards. These rewards include protocol fees in USDC and additional $esVKA emissions. By staking their $VKA or $esVKA, users can also unlock the potential for up to a 2.5x reward boost for the regular $esVKA emissions in Strategic and lending vaults. To more understanding on the advantages of staking, please visit the Utilities page and the esVKA Features page.
The voting gauges will start along with the regular emission of $esVKA. Weekly, those who stake $VKA can engage in voting to determine the distribution rate of emissions across different vaults. There is a fixed total emission designated for all vaults, with each staked $VKA equivalent to one vote. The total weekly esVKA emissions will be divided based on the percentage of votes each vault accumulates. This mechanism empowers users to support their favored vaults through voting, thus fostering a beneficial cycle that amplifies their own rewards.