ARB Incentives

ARB Incentives from GMX

Vaultka’s close ties with GMX are further solidified through the receipt of a 100,000 ARB grant from the GMX community. This grant supports the growth of GMX’s ecosystem via Vaultka GM related pools, signifying a long-term and robust relationship.

Additional 100,000 ARB for USDC Lending

The 100,000 ARB grant from GMX is set to boost the USDC lending pool, supporting the growth of GM Leverage Vaults.

  • The 100,000 ARB will be distributed evenly across 12 weeks, amounting to approximately 8,333 ARB per week

  • Participation is effortless: Users only need to deposit into the USDC lending vault to automatically qualify for the rewards, and rewards will be calculated in time-weighted average of the week

  • The ARB rewards will be accrued in the price of Lending Pool, so that users do not have to claim manually to be entitled to the additional rewards

  • The ARB rewards are additional bonuses, while the esVKA and real yield from USDC lending will remain unaffected

ABR Incentives from Arbitrum DAO STIP

Vaultka, as the key partner deeply involved in the development of Perpl DEX on Arbitrum, anticipates numerous advantages from this initiative. In light of these developments, here are some of the details optimizing the profitability for Vaultka’s users.

12,000,000 ARB Incentives from GMX

  • A whopping 12 million ARB tokens are reserved to fuel the expansion of GMX V2, extending generous incentives to liquidity providers within GM pools.

  • Users tapping into Vaultka’s GM Leverage (Delta) and GM Leverage (Neutral) vaults are in for the treat with amplified $ARB returns!

Up to 1,050,000 ARB from Vela Exchange

  • 50,000 ARB incentives specially carved out for VLP stakers! As avid supporters and significant stakers within Vela, VLP leverage users are set to bask in the amplified rewards.

  • On top of that, Vela Exchange has up to 1 million ARB in line for distribution. The Backfund STIP proposal has passed the snapshot voting, and will soon proceed to Tally on-chain voting. Upon the approval from Arbitrum DAO, Vela Exchange will receive an additional 1 million ARB for allocation among their traders and liquidity providers

ARB incentives from HMX

  • The ARB incentives coming from GMX will not only reward GM holders, thanks to HLP’s GM-based structure, but also entitle those staking their HLP.

  • Vaultka’s leverage HLP users are set to enjoy their own portion of ARB rewards.

Distribution Mechanism

The ARB rewards will be distributed according to the ratio below, to maintain the balance between leverage users, lenders and $VKA stakers.

When Utilization Rate is below 95%:

Rewards to whomPercentage

Leverage users




$VKA Stakers


When Utilization Rate is above 95%:

Rewards to whomPercentage

Leverage users




$VKA Stakers


Leverage Users

  • Strategic Vault Users will be able to claim their eligible ARB rewards weekly

  • Users can be claimed in the Vaultka “Airdrop” Page

  • Proportional $ARB rewards will be calculated based on the time-weighted average of users’ GM balance throughout the week.


  • Rewards will be distributed in terms of the asset of the corresponding pool

  • Rewards will be accrued directly in the lending pool price, distributed on an hourly basis.

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