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esVKA Features

Users can acquire esVKA from airdrop and liquidity bootstrapping rewards. There are two options for esVKA holders to choose from: Staking, or Vesting


Staking esVKA will have the same function as staking $VKA, where stakers will share the
  1. 1.
    Reward Boosts: Stakers of $esVKA can receive a max 2.5x boosted emission for every vault
  2. 2.
    Protocol Fee Share: Stakers are entitled to 60% of the protocol fees, which are emitted in USDC, and entitled to earn a portion of $esVKA emission
  3. 3.
    Voting Gauges: $esVKA stakers can vote on the emission rate of each vault, thus boosting the reward of the deposited vaults
  4. 4.
    Leaderboard points: Staking $esVKA will allow users to collect points on the leaderboard. The Leaderboard will be used for airdrops and consistent additional rewards for users.


Users have the option to vest their esVKA to get $VKA in two ways:
  • Full Vesting: Vest linearly over 1 year for 100% of its value
  • 65% Vesting: Vest linearly over 6 months for 65% of its value. 35% of the supposed fully vested $VKA will be burnt daily
  • Half Vesting: Vest linearly over 90 days for 50% of its value. 50% of the supposed fully vested $VKA will be burnt daily.


  1. 1.
    Assuming Peter has 100 esVKA and he chooses to vest 50 esVKA for 90 days, and 50 esVKA for one year.
  2. 2.
    Daily VKA that Peter can get from vesting
    1. 1.
      (50/2)/90 = 0.2778 VKA per day
    2. 2.
      50/365 = 0.1370 VKA per day
    3. 3.
      Total = 0.4148 VKA per day
  3. 3.
    If Peter decided to cancel all vesting and stake the remaining unvested esVKA on day 45
    1. 1.
      VKA vested from esVKA = 0.2778*45+0.1370*45 =18.666
    2. 2.
      esVKA burnt from choosing 90 days vesting = 0.2778*45 =12.501
    3. 3.
      esVKA available to be staked = 100-18.666-12.501 = 68.833