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About Us

Vaultka is a DeFi protocol with clear market positioning as the catalyst of Decentralized Perpetual Exchange (Perp DEX) on Arbitrum. At Vaultka, we strongly believe that trading activity is a vital pillar in the crypto market, and it is an economic activity that can bring real yield and sustainability. Arbitrum is where Decentralized Perpetual trade is experiencing the fastest growth, and we believe that Arbitrum will continue to dominate the crypto trading market. Vaultka provides value to the Perp DEX market on Arbitrum, as a platform built specifically around Perp DEXs. We offer a comprehensive range of products & services, including:
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    LP Optimization (Liquor) Vaultka provides customized vaults that are designed to optimize the return of the Perp DEX LP for each respective Perp DEX on Arbitrum. Our vaults are well tested and easy to use, providing a one-click solution for users. Through the smart contracts behind the vaults, the exposure of Perp DEX LPs are optimized by auto-hedging market risk or maximizing associated profit in a risk-controlled way.
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    Index Investment (Cocktail) Index Investment offers mass users the way to generate diversified and amplified yields through providing liquidity to Perp DEX or directly investing in Perp DEX Governance token in the DeFi landscape. With the primary revenue generator being trading fees, LP has become an attractive opportunity, and so do the platform tokens of Perp DEXs. The "Mega LP Token" capitalizes on diversifying the risk associated with single LPs and amplifying the overall APR; while "Mega Governance Token" is especially ideal for users who want to participate in the growing market share of perp DEX but have limited knowledge or preferences within the ecosystem.
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    Stablecoin Lending (Non-alcoholic) Our stablecoin Lending pools are designed for risk-averse stablecoin holders who seek higher returns than pure staking, while still prioritizing principal protection. The lending interest rates are determined by the reward split ratio based on the actual Utilization Rate (UR) and the yield generated by the respective vaults, offering a unique investment opportunity for those seeking a secure but promising upside.
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    Insight of Perp DEX Market Trend & News (Bartender) Our Insight Page provides everything that the stakeholders of Perp DEX market need. It delivers valuable insights to every levels of users including traders, liquidity providers as well as and investors of Perp DEX. By aggregating critical data such as funding and borrowing rates, long-short open interest ratios, historical returns & current yield of LPs, and timely updates on upcoming product upgrade / campaigns in the dynamic world of DeFi, our all-in-one page empowers them to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.


Our vision is to become the first and unique liquidity hub that promotes decentralized Perp trading and contributes to the value-up of the Perp DEX LP. We aim to be the go-to platform for users looking to optimize their Perp DEX LP on Arbitrum.
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